Dominique Tiu – Conquering the Fashion and Advertising Worlds in Her Own Way

Dominique Tiu – Conquering the Fashion and Advertising Worlds in Her Own Way

Holly Bissonnette | April 24, 2015


Having been drawing dresses since she was three years old, it is no wonder that Dominique Tiu is now firmly caught in the world of fashion. Combined with an indomitable education, her innate passion and strong affinity for style is now helping her conquer not just the fashion industry, but also that of advertising arena in the national capital of the Philippines.

Her Roots and Early Years as a Blossoming Fashionista

Born Dominique Marie Tiu to an English-German mother and a Filipino-Chinese father, Domz, as she is often called by almost everyone, grew up in Cebu City with her dad and stepmom. It was not until she started college when she left the Queen City of the South for Manila, where she studied Fine Arts in Ateneo de Manila University and majored in Information Design.

Proficient not just in English, but also in Hokkein Chinese, this fashionista started out as a model when she was seventeen. Her most notable work was ramp modeling for Levi’s and a number of other brands, before she transitioned to print ads and TV commercials.

However, this self-confessed online shopper was not contented about being the live mannequin for the clothes, shoes or beauty products she was modeling for. Eventually, she discovered that she wanted to do hands-on work when it comes to styling, so she started assisting photographer Jay Tablante and known set designer and stylist Raffy Tesoro. From there, she went on to do client work for such brands as Kotex, SM Department Store and Hang Ten. She was also the stylist for a UNO Magazine fashion show. Consequently, she was featured on the same magazine and several other glossies.

Her Beginnings, Her Work and What She Does for Fun

In the midst of all this, Dominique was also busy with other pursuits that brought her deeper into both fashion and advertising industries. True to her field of study, she interned with Meg Magazine, while she was still in college.

On the same year she graduated, she started her fashion blog known as, which got her and is still getting her notable endorsements from fashion, shoe and beauty products such as Nivea, Forever 21, So Fab and Mango, among others. While she was juggling all these, she was also working as a columnist for a national paper before she worked full-time as a brand consultant of one of major shoe and fashion companies of the Philippines.

Although her stint as a brand consultant was short-lived, it can be said that the popular fashion blogger eventually found what she really wanted to do. In 2011, she ventured into Account Marketing and deftly handled marketing accounts for one of the country’s major television network companies and stayed there before she decided to move on to another company, but still working as an Account Manager.

However, because being a human dynamo is synonymous with fun for this girl, who does not only know how to make herself look good but also does it for others, her work does not really stop there. So, aside from being an Account Manager during weekdays, she is also slaving away as a marketing consultant, personal shopper for a number of clients and blogger-journalist almost 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Her Own Personal Style and How She Found or Did Not Find It

If you are thinking though that this Nutella and Heinz catsup-loving woman figured her own personal style that easily, then you should think again. Although she was already into dress doodles when she was just a toddler, the fashionista admitted that she was quite tacky when she in the process of growing up. She said she went through a phase when she wore elephant pants and elevator platforms.

This all changed though when she paid more attention to fashion and style by reading and watching TV shows about them as much as she could. Then, her horizons broadened some more when she started traveling. It was during this time when she became fascinated with colors and details even in such things as history, the arts and architecture. This also led her to become quite entranced with how people were inclined to express themselves with the things they wore.

Although this Marc Jacobs-fan went through several fashion styles such as the hippie, mode, boho and rocker-chic, which according to her became quite stressful, she ultimately decided to go to that no-man’s land where she admitted of not having a distinct personal style. Instead, she is going at it as a form of self-expression, which makes her dress and style herself according to how she feels.

On the About Me page of her blog, she had this to say about her own fashion style:

“I feel that it’s the constant search for style that makes my style and fashion preferences unique.”

Her Love for Asian-Inspired Western Fashion

Looking at how this multi-lingual and cultural fashion guru put herself together though, you can actually say that if this is how “not knowing” your personal style looks like, then you definitely want to be in the same boat. Because even if Dominique says she has not found her own brand of fashion style yet, it can be clearly seen that she has a predilection for Asian-inspired Western clothing.

Even if ninety-eight percent of the fashion icons Domz idolizes are Westerners, she conceded that she just couldn’t pull off the Westernized look because of her strong Asian features. So, it was during her foray into discovering clothes made for Asian women in the West that she lost her heart to this kind of style.

Plus, her travels to several Asian countries also made her want to adapt the Asian principle of dressing up. This means putting on an outfit that was calculated to look effortless, but which will actually allow you to blend in places where people wishes to make a statement by donning on clothes deemed innovative and top-notch.

So, are you attempting to put Dominique Tiu in a nutshell now that you know some bits of her? You can’t. This passionate fireball is marking the fashion and advertising worlds in ways that only she knows how and she refuses to be defined or encapsulated into one tiny compartment. Instead, if you will note how she is making her work her type of fun, you can definitely say how she will go a long way in searching for new ways to express her fashion sense and in making people and companies look good.


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