Junior New System Secures Spot in Asia’s Got Talent Semis

Junior New System Secures Spot in Asia’s Got Talent Semis

Holly Bissonnette | April 24, 2015

Once again, Filipinos showed their natural flair as dance group Junior New System successfully danced their way to the semi-finals of Asia’s Got Talent held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

One of the forty contenders from the Philippines, Junior New System is a group of nine male students from Sampaloc, Manila, who used to sell rice cakes and recycle plastic bottles for a living. Their choreographer and artistic director, Marcial Visda, saw their potential and trained the boys to survive from poverty through dance competitions.

The crew has won several dance contests in the Philippines, which include the Sayaw Pinoy competition by the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA). AGT, however, is the first international competition they joined in.

With hip-hop as their genre, Junior New System performed in the international stage as the first act of the show and brought down the house with their dynamic moves and unwavering enthusiasm. Everyone in the hall, including the judges, gave them a standing ovation after their performance.

One of the judges, former Spice Girl member Melanie C, noted that everyone in the group is equally brilliant; while rock icon in Indonesia, Anggun, expressed how she enjoyed the transition of the group from fierce to cute and sweet.

Songwriter and producer David Foster fearlessly declared that not a single act in America would not love to have them from behind; he further mentioned Beyoncé for that matter.

Taiwanese pop star Van Ness Wu, the dance expert among the four judges, told everyone that Junior New System is the name that he will remember. He was impressed by the power moves of the crew, their attitude, and the originality of their performance.

If they win, Junior New System dancers will use the prize money to take their families out of poverty.

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