Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival

‘2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten,’ ‘Contestant # 4′ Among Films Screened for Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival

Holly | June 6, 2017

The Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival is a film festival that features movies that tackle LGBT subjects and issues.  The annual festival began in 1986 as the brainchild of directors Ottavio Mai and Giovanni Minerba. What started out as a simple LGBT-themed event grew to become one of the most important film festivals in the world.

Filipinos have another reason to be excited for the 32nd Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival (also known as the Lovers Film Festival) that begins on June 15 and will end on June 20, 2017. Two Filipino-made films are set to make their international debut. Competing in the fest is the full-length feature film 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten by Petersen Vargas as well as Jared Joven and Kaj Palanca‘s short film, Contestant # 4.

Filipino Films to Be Shown at the 32nd Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival

Contestant # 4 had a nationwide premiere during Cinema One fest last year, where it took home the Audience Choice Award. It centers around the unlikely friendship between an elderly man and a young teen boy. One night, the boy catches the old man watching a clip of himself as a young cross-dressing boy. This sparks the boy’s interest to find out more about the man’s past.

The filmmakers behind these outstanding short film are sixteen-year-old Kaj Palanca and Jared Joven. The two developed a love for storytelling growing up and wrote Contestant # 4 together.

2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

On the other hand, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten is a full-length feature set in 1990s Pampanga. At the heart of the film is actor Khalil Ramos who plays a lonely introvert whose life is forever changed when two half-American brothers transfer to his school. Playing the other two principle characters are Jameson Blake and Ethan Salvador. 

The film received a considerable amount of attention during its premiere after MTRCB ordered an unreasonable R-18 rating. Despite the controversy, it was applauded by several critics who pointed out the film’s cinematography, screenplay, and acting as its highest points.

According to director Peterson Vargas, 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten will be vying for top honors in the main section, along with Sundance-winning film Spa Night, the Argentinean movie Taekwondo, and the Berlinale entry The Wound.

The Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival generates an audience of 40,000 viewers each year. It aims to support upcoming filmmakers and artists from around the world.

'2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten,' 'Contestant # 4' Among Films Screened for Torino LGBTQ International Film Festival by