Sam Milby, From a Simple Life to a World of Stardom

Sam Milby, From a Simple Life to a World of Stardom

Holly Bissonnette | April 24, 2015


Sam Milby may have led a simple life before he became one of the most coveted leading men in the Philippines. But he is now riding the waves of stardom with the same humility as when he was still a waiter in a steakhouse located in his hometown in United States.

His Simple Beginnings

Born Samuel Milby in Troy, Ohio, to a Caucasian father and a Filipino mother, the 30-year-old actor originally aspired to become a professional figure skater when he was younger. At the age of nine, he was already subjected to homeschooling and a demanding training schedule.

When he was 14 years old, though, he gave up his dream of becoming a figure skater and shifted to playing hockey playing. He also started attending a regular high school, which was tough, not just because he was used to homeschooling, but because he was the only student in his school who had a Filipino-Irish background.

He was basically just somebody who was going through the motions of being a teenager. Nobody really took notice of him, especially the girls in his school. His story growing up is experienced by any typical and average Filipino-Irish teenager in America.

His Journey to Stardom

So if you will look at Sam’s transition from a simple boy, who dreamed of becoming an athlete to a famous singer-actor, you’d really start believing that fairytales do happen. From being a steakhouse waiter nine years ago, who played guitar for local bands but was never noticed, to having a couple of albums under his belt.

Sam did not set out to become an actor or a singer though when he came to the Philippines. He just came to the Philippines to have a vacation with his older sister after he decided to take a year off from Wright University. During this time, when he was strolling through a Manila mall with his sister, he was scouted by Erick Raymundo, a Filipino talent manager, who took him under his wing and groomed him into the star he is now.

When Sam became a part of the first season of the Pinoy edition of the famous TV franchise Big Brother and was voted out early on, he thought that he’d be going back to hitting the streets again for auditions. However, producers seemed to have crawled over themselves to get him into their projects.

As a result, Sam got his first role in a movie. He was cast as Lance in Close to You, which was a supporting role for the romantic comedy starring Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. This was immediately followed by a music deal with Star Records. Then, the rest is history.

His Works and Accolades

As of press time, the actor already has 14 movies under his sleeve, with the most recent being The Gifted, where he plays Mark Ferrer and She’s Dating the Action Star. He was also in Death March, which came out in the Cannes Film Festival last year. He is also one of the most sought after leading men and hosts in primetime TV with Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel starring Anne Curtis as his latest project.

When it comes to albums, Sam already released four under Star Records with the first aptly titled Sam Milby, which was released in 2006. This was followed with Love Duets, which was a 2009 collaboration album with fellow singer-actress Toni Gonzaga and A Little Too Perfect, which was released in the same year. Then, Be Mine debuted in 2011, which includes Hindi Kita Iiwan, which bagged the Best Ballad Recording in the 25th Awit Awards. This was an accolade that he shared with album producer Jonathan Manalo.

Sam is not without his share of other awards as well, among which are Best New Male Artist in the 19th Aliw Awards, Most Promising Male Singer in the Guillermo Awards and Best New TV Male Personality as well as New Movie Actor in the PMPC Star Awards for TV and Movies, respectively, which he got all in 2006. After all these awards, which he got in the same year, the actor garnered different accolades every year. In 2009, he got the Best Actor and Male Performing Artist awards during the Dangal ng Bayan Awards.

If all these were not enough, Sam has recently been featured twice on the highly popular website Buzzfeed with the first being on August where he was named as a Dashing Pinoy Prince. The second came in October, where he ranked fourth of 22 Asian Actors Who Deserve to Be Romantic Leading Men.

Considering everything that has happened to Sam since he started in Philippine show business in 2005, it can be said that things are definitely looking up for him. He may even follow former girlfriend Anne Curtis’ footsteps and earn himself a role in a Hollywood film. Regardless of what will happen to this down-to-earth Filipino-American from Ohio, a lot of people can attest that he will remain as the down to earth everyone seem to trust and want to be with. This is definitely a good sign for someone whose star is shining as brightly as any other in the industry.





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