What Kind of Videos Can Help Monetize Your Talent

What Kind of Videos Can Help Monetize Your Talent

Holly Bissonnette | November 17, 2014


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Videos are still among the most essential aspects of online marketing. Over the years, the quality and types of videos posted on the Internet have been rapidly improving, thus generating more and more opportunities for people with various talents. These materials have made it possible for people to share and showcase their talents. However, this doesn’t give them the assurance of success.


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When it comes to monetizing one’s talent through videos, certain factors must be considered. You cannot just share, upload or use a certain video just because you like it. Each video has a corresponding objective that should be met to prove its effectiveness.


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These are among the kinds of videos commonly used by people to monetize their talents:


  1. Talking Head Videos



A talking head video is basically a “welcome video,” commonly used on a homepage, which depicts a direct appeal. Compared to any other videos, this one is now becoming very popular as this is more personal and engaging, giving the viewers an idea about the owner. Examples of a talking head video is an about me video and the first impression video.


  1. Interview Videos



For people who want to take the talking head video one step higher, they can always make an interview video. This kind of video usually includes two or more people on camera, but this does not necessarily mean it should be in news style, with the subject on camera and the interviewer off cam.


  1. Tips and Tricks Series



Tips and tricks are the best kind of videos to create and upload for people who want to build credibility and become an expert in their respective niche. Since virtual reality continues to evolve, more and more people turn to social media when they need support or assistance. So, this is probably a great opportunity for you to become known in your chosen channel.


  1. Covers



A cover is simply a recording of a previously recorded music, commercially released by an artist or a composer. This kind of video is best for individuals with good singing voices, who could create very good music in a unique, but pleasant way. With a cover, an artist can record his or her own rendition of a song and share it via social media to gain exposure and be known in the music industry.


  1. Webinar Videos



Webinar videos are somewhat similar to a tips and tricks series. However, these are intended for priority clients and customers. This kind of video is commonly used in industries to demonstrate something to a team. Sometimes, this is also used in broadcasting topics to customers or employees, online or in an actual location.


  1. Animations



If you are into motion graphics and cartooning, animation is the type of video for you. With this, you can always show the creative side in you and introduce a new dimension to your brand. Thus, if you want to provide more visual and emotional engagement, wow the viewers with your animation skills.


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When uploading videos, you might be asked to submit supporting documents to claim rights. So, before anything else, you need to ensure that you obtain commercial use rights for all elements in the video. Also, with so many kinds of videos to share and upload on your profile, there is no excuse for you not to earn cash and build up a good talent profile.


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