Gab Valenciano Is in the Groove in Pitch Perfect 2 Music Video

Holly Bissonnette | May 14, 2015

King of Super Selfie Gabriel Valenciano is making waves in the global community again after he became a part of Ester Dean’s “Crazy Youngsters” music video, which is one of the official sound tracks for the second installment of the hit film Pitch Perfect.

The video, which also features some of the Pitch Perfect 2 stars like Anna Camp and Brittany Snow, shows impressive dance moves from Gab and other YouTube stars.

Check out the video below where Gab, starting at 1:52, walks in and dances in the room with his friends.

Before he appeared in this video, Gab Valenciano was also commended for taking part in Beyoncé’s “7/11” music video, which was released November last year. The video features Beyoncé in different locations of her room, enjoying a dancing frenzy using static cameras and selfie sticks.

Queen Bey’s video as seen below was thought to be inspired by Gab’s “Super Selfie” videos, and in the singer’s official Web site, she credited Gab for the additional choreography.

February this year, Gab also directed Jessica Sanchez’s “This Love” music video.

Gab Valenciano is the son of Philippines’s Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Gab found a thriving career as  YouTube superstar and a dancer after he released his super selfie videos, which earned him almost 98,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 202,000 followers in Instagram and 627,000 followers in Twitter.

He created his videos entitled “Super Selfie” because he thinks he is unbelievably hyper, and he needed an outlet to share his energy. Some of his “Super Selfie” videos were covered on Huffington Post, Mashable,, and BuzzFeed.

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